Saturday, December 03, 2005

Post from a Sims2 Nerd

I think I mentioned ages ago in one of the 'about me' lists, that I love the Sims. Well finally, with this new comp I can play it without having to wait till the other one is free. (My old graphics card was too old, etc). Well, in light of the fact I have nothing else to yap about at the moment ... ok nothing I feel like talking about, let me introduce you to my new couple. They got married last night hehe.

Getting to know eachother

Toasting eachother


Snuggles :)

That's all from this nerd for now.


Blogger Jess said...

lol @ toasting each other
you in that mood again? ;) I'd like to try this stuff some day. Seems to be hard to find Sims2 in the shops though, all they sell is millions of different expansion/extension packages etc etc etc.

8:50 am  
Blogger Mushster said...

lol@that mood *grin*. Maybe try ebay? Oh and the 'Hot Date' expansion pack is cute hehe.

Anddddddd, she's pregnant as of last night. It's all the hot tub's fault ;)

9:21 am  
Blogger Shirley said...

I stay away from this program and the online world thing, whatever it's called.

I would get hooked and spend waaay too much time on it. Yeah, the internet's bad enough. You have a blast for me though, k?

10:55 am  
Blogger Mushster said...

Yeah, I hear ya about getting hooked. I stay away from a lot of online crap too, been there done that, got the t-shirt, can't be bothered with it lol.

At least Sims keeps me outta trouble when there's nothing on tv hehe.

12:34 pm  
Blogger Seamus said...

Well at least somebody's getting it - even if it is virtual! ;)

10:54 am  
Blogger Mushster said...

Exactly Seamy. At least I can live vicariously through these two *grin*

1:21 pm  
Blogger Quiet Man said...


Sims divorce lawyer expansion pack in shops by Christmas?

8:21 pm  
Blogger Mushster said...

Nah, it's a lot easier to simply leave in the virtual world. Haven't decided whether that's a good or bad thing though :/

9:02 am  

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