Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This n That

A bit of an update. Sorry I'm not very talkative these days. Part of me is saying to just pull the plug on this thing but I haven't decided yet. Anyway just a few tidbits ....

~ Firstly the garden. Boring I know but tuff lol.

* The tomatoes I planted are finally going great guns. I've got six varieties. I picked the first lot yesterday and threw them in a tossed salad last night and I hafta tell ya people, I was stoked. Very satisfying eating your own home-grown things and mmmmmm mmmmmmmm much tastier than shop-bought too.

* Also picked and threw in the solitary cucumber that was growing lol. Dunno if there'll be any more but that's ok, at least I got one hehe.

* Brown and red onions are doing ok too although I screwed them up when I put them in and planted them too close together ~ but! ~ they have grown into lill baby ones and man they're strong ... sniff sniff lol.

* Last but not least, the strawberries! I saw little pink flowers yesterday so I'll be paying close attention to them from now on and keeping the champagne on ice :D

~ In other (non) news ....

* A few weeks before Christmas, I spent a Saturday morning in the emergency ward with the teenager's boyfriend after he was beaten to a pulp at a party and turned up here at 6am the next morning, bloody, disoriented and barely able to stand.

It's a long and complicated story but the bottom line is yes his mother eventually showed up so I left her with him. After hours of tests and xrays he was released and ummm, guess where she took him? Yep, back here for me to look after (and pissed off before I could say a word).

Bleeding heart that I am, I did look after him and also discovered I'd grown attached to the lill shit because later on when I had time to sit I sobbed my heart out for the kid. Why did I do that and not his own mother? (And yes, I know she didn't).

Anyway things were going along well after that until my main rule was broken - they paid dearly for that. Bleeding heart or not, there is only so much even I can take and the evil teen's boyfriend was thrown out the day of Christmas Eve.

Timing huh?

That's about it. I'm sure there are other things I've missed but I've yapped enough for now.


Blogger Flygirl said...

Oh Mush. You have no idea how jealous you just made me with all that talk of gardens and stuff.

12:17 pm  
Blogger Seamus said...

I gotta agree with Flybabe here - rain and gray here.

Well, rules are rules - Christmas or not - good for you to stick by your guns! :)

3:50 pm  
Blogger halo said...

Im a bleeding heart too Babes, we just cant help it eh? What did he do to get thrown out?

And ya call that enough yappin? I think not.

smooches chicka!

1:33 am  
Blogger Mushster said...

Aww Fly but I have a humungous amount of weeds at the moment too lol.

Heh Seamy, it's cooled down slightly here (tg) and yeah, although it wasn't the first time, it was definitely the last.

Ah Musey, he obviously didn't understand when I said 'stay out of her room' that it also meant 'or I'll de-nut you', sigh lol.

And that's a LOTTA yapping for me these days hehe.
Smooooches ;)

11:18 am  

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